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1 August 2016 Edition

Buying power to the people

1 August 2016

GROCERY SHOPPING is one of the most tedious of household tasks most people dread. Pushing a wonky trolley up and down aisles in a supermarket just isn’t anybody’s idea of fun but it has to be done. Free article

How Israel is using gay rights to deflect from the Occupation

1 August 2016

DUBLIN’S annual Pride Parade parade in June saw signs saying “Queers Against Israeli Pinkwashing” as members of Ireland’s LGBT community showed their anger at Israel using a veneer of acceptance of gay people to gloss over its ongoing brutal occupation of Palestine. Free article

The Hanrahan Legacy

1 August 2016

THE SILVER-HAIRED WOMAN is standing in the sitting room of her modest home, a large two-storey farmhouse built in the perfunctory tradition of the few native families who managed to hold land after the Anglo-Norman incursions into their region, acknowledging the location of her family domain in the picturesque Suir Valley in south Tipperary. Free article

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There is no team without culture

1 August 2016

TWENTY YEARS AGO this summer, I visited South Africa for the first time. Two years after the first democratic elections, real social and political transformation had a long, long way to go. Yet there was a sense of anticipation. Belief in the mission, passion and commitment which helped secure an end to the repressive apartheid government was still in abundance. Free article

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