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7 March 2016 Edition

Uncomfortable actions would speak much louder than words – William Mitchell

7 March 2016

IT IS FOUR YEARS since Sinn Féin’s Declan Kearney called on republicans to be courageous “and embrace the discomfort of moving outside our political and historic comfort zones”. Free article

Still burning after all these years

7 March 2016

THE GOOD CITIZENS of Cork are getting ready for another mighty battle. They will face an old foe, one who will test their tried and trusted experience as shapers of opinion and makers and breakers of political careers. Free article

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Time for the release of Leonard Peltier is now

7 March 2016

At 72 YEARS OF AGE, Leonard Peltier is suffering from an aneurysm yet is still being held in a maximum security prison under a regime of controlled movement and total lockdown. This is his statement sent out from Coleman US Penitentiary in Florida on the 40th anniversary of his arrest in in British Colombia, Canada: “Greetings, everyone. “Today at 11am, in Hinton, BC, Canada, I was arrested 40 years ago. As Jim Morrison of the Doors said: ‘I have been down for so damn long, will some of you good people come and get me?’ “Thanks to everyone for all you have done to try get me home. I love the hell out of you.” Free article

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