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1 December 2014 Edition

Next election could be a game changer

1 December 2014

THE NEXT general election in the South could be a game changer. It could be the most significant election in the history of the state since 1933. Free article

Beef cartel is causing the crisis

1 December 2014

Sinn Féin Dáil Agriculture spokesperson Martin Ferris looks at the beef crisis and says the strength from unity of producers against the beef barons cannot be underestimated Free article

The last outpost amongst the ‘brutish masses’

1 December 2014

A HUGE BANNER hangs from the second floor of Carrisbrook House on Pembroke Road in Dublin City. It’s been there so long that the lettering advertising office space for rent has largely faded. The prime location of these business units in the capital’s swish ‘D4’ district seems to be offset by the neighbours a potential tenant would be forced to endure. Premium service article

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Art and struggling to be creative in the modern world

1 December 2014

ALLEGORY, COMEDY and symbolism play a huge part in how we see our world. When Roberto Benigni, the Italian comedy writer, wrote his Oscar-winning film La Vita e Bella (Life is Beautiful) – taking the title from a comment made by Leon Troksky (when the Russian realised that Stalin’s assassins were coming for him in Mexico) – he inverted the horrors of the Holocaust to create a story of love and joy for life. He took very seriously the words of the film’s title song: Free article

The pointless game with no winners

1 December 2014

I RECALL one time collecting our Ciara from school. Normally she would be bubbly and effusive – black cat, black kitten – but this day she was less than gruntled. The cause, it transpired, was the soccer match ‘Teacher’ had organised in the yard. Don’t fret, Ciara’s displeasure was not based on cultural disdain. Rather, she was peeved over the fact that Teacher had introduced them to the concept of games in which no one wins and nobody loses. Free article

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