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18 December 2008 Edition

The Mary Nelis Column

18 December 2008

It was second time around for the launch of proposals on the shape and contents of a Bill of Right's for the North. Hours before the official launch by the Human Rights Commissioner, Monica McWilliams, both unionist parties issued press statements, rubbishing its contents without ever having read them. Free article

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18 December 2008

Some progress in Poznan climate talks, EU Parliament refuses to back Israel-EU deal, Homelessness exhibition in Dublin's City Hall and Lisbon Treaty: Smoke and mirrors Free article

Media View

18 December 2008

WE should brace ourselves for hysteria on a grand scale as the Lisbon Treaty referendum Mark II campaign gets into full swing. It actually started about five minutes after the 'No' vote last summer, getting into second gear in the following months as Irish people were warned that the 26 Counties risked being expelled into outer darkness unless we voted 'Yes' the next time. But the campaign that is about to be unleashed upon us will dwarf anything the state has seen since the days when Conor Cruise O'Brien and his censors blacked out rebel voices, thoughts and music from the airwaves and branded anybody with a republican outlook as a sectarian terrorist. Free article


18 December 2008

Bhuel, bhí mé céasta sna seachtainí roimh an Nollaig ag na gasúir agus iad ag iarraidh a litreacha a sheoladh chuig Daidí na Nollaig. Agus, ar ndóigh, ní raibh cead agam na litreacha a léamh agus greim an fhir bháite acu orthu go dtí gur gheall mé go gcuirfinn sa phost mé féin iad. Nuair a bhí mé óg ba ghnách linn na litreacha a chur suas an simléir agus is dócha gur éalaigh siad go gasta leis an aer te ag dul in airde. Ach ó chuir muid sorn téite sa seomra suite tá sé deacair a chur ina luí ar na páistí nach bhfuil a litreacha chun a bheith loiscthe chomh luath agus a dhúnaimid an doras. D'aontaigh mé, mar sin, go dtabharfainn na litreacha liom agus go gcuirfínn iad i mbosca poist ceart agus go bhfaigheadh Santa iad, neamh-ruadhóite, so-léite. Ah, sult na tuismitheoireachta. Free article

Ag Cuimhniú ar Joe ag am Nollag

18 December 2008

Cé gur mise an taon buachaill i mo chlann, bhí neart deartharacha agam nuair a bhí mé a tógadh sna '70aidí. Duine dóibh siúd ná Joe Donaghy ó Dún Geanainn. Free article

More than a game BY MATT TREACY

18 December 2008

One of the more curious notions proposed by well meaning folk - let us for the purposes of the argument term them the Care Bears - is that no-one ought ever to feel bad about themselves or to experience any disappointment in life. Free article

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Christmas traditions - The weird, the wonderful and the Irish

18 December 2008

SO YOU THINK you know what makes a traditional Christmas? Well think again. Some of our deeply-held Christmas traditions are actually relatively new. Exhibit A: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer - created in 1939. Exhibit B: The idea of Christmas with "chestnuts roasting on an open fire" - written in 1944... during a sweltering July! Free article

Remembering the Past: The last of the Invincibles

18 December 2008

THE Irish National Invincibles were an off-shoot of the Irish Republican Brotherhood and were active in Dublin in the early 1880s. They were a conspiratorial group that sought to destabilise British rule in Ireland by assassinating leading figures in the Dublin Castle regime. Free article

Fifth Column

18 December 2008

An Phoblacht's famous weekly satirical column. Free article

Shining a light in cultural darkness

18 December 2008

POETRY REVIEW At Least for a While By Pearse Hutchinson The Gallery Press Free article

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