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9 August 2007 Edition

36th Anniversary of Internment

9 August 2007

In August 1971 the unionist regime at Stormont, under prime minister Brian Faulkner and supported by Edward Heath's Tory government in London, introduced internment without trial in the North of Ireland. More than 340 men were taken to prison camps in the initial swoop. Free article

Interview : Andrée Murphy of Relatives For Justice

9 August 2007

All and any resistance to the introduction of internment in 1971 was ruthlessly suppressed. The most notorious single incident was on the night internment was introduced, 9 August. In and around a small field in Belfast's Ballymurphy estate, five unarmed people, including a mother searching for her children and a priest giving the last rites to a mortally wounded teenager, were shot dead by British soldiers. Relatives For Justice is a Belfast based group working with relatives of people killed or injured during recent decades of British occupation in Ireland. Here the organisation's Deputy Director ANDRÉE MURPHY talks to ELLA O'DYWER about the trauma experienced by the relatives of those killed at the onset of internment and about the vital importance of having their loss acknowledged by the British establishment. Free article

Seanad : Criticism of Ahern nominations

9 August 2007

Bertie Ahern's countdown to retirement is going to be a rocky road, judging by the controversy generated by his third and final set of Seanad nominations. His 1997 and 2002 appointments hardly generated a headline but this week we have seen perhaps the real Ahern unleashed, with bridges to burn, voters to disregard and long held grudges to be appeased. Free article

The Mary Nelis Column

9 August 2007

Last week the PSNI announced that Catholic and Protestant clergy were set to go on patrol with police officers to see the risks and difficulties that police encounter in a County Tyrone town. Free article

Fiosrúcháin na Rásaí

9 August 2007

Sé an céad rud eile atá i ndán dúinn is cosúil. Tá na fiosrúcháin mairteola curtha dínn, na fiorúcháin pleanála i mbun gnó agus chomh luath is atá siad sin réidh mé á rá leat beidh na rudaí seo anuas orainn. Déanann sé ciall iontach má smaoiníonn tú air soicind. Bhí a fhios ag madra na sráide go raibh rud éigin ag tarlú idir fir mhóra an rialtais agus na solátharaithe feola. Lena chois sin is dócha nach raibh mórán daoine amach i dtreo Gleann na Life nár thuig an méid a bhí ag tarlú amuigh ansin. Anois tá an rud céanna againn; puball mór curtha in airde le linn na rásaí oirthear tíre, buachaillí móra gnó, pleanáil 7rl ag siúl timpeall laistigh ann, agus n'fheadar le duine ar bith cad atá ag tarlú! Níl sin dochreidte in aon chor! Free article

New book covers latest momentous events in Irish republicanism

9 August 2007

An Irish Eye, the latest new publication by leading Irish republican Gerry Adams is a unique book covering the last four years of momentous events in Irish republicanism and in the politics of Ireland as a whole. From the IRA decision in 2005 to formally end its armed campaign and to put its arms beyond use to the Sinn Féin decision in January 2007 to support the policing and justice system, unparalleled historic change has taken place. In An Irish Eye Gerry Adams brings his own perspective to bear on these developments. Free article

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  • It will include a personal reminiscence by Gerry Adams and contributions from the McGuinness family.
  • There will also be an exclusive interview with our new Uachtarán Mary Lou McDonald.

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The Resistance Campaign 50 years on

9 August 2007

Mícheál MacDonncha continues a monthly series marking the 50th anniversary of the IRA's Resistance Campaign - more widely known as the Border Campaign - which commenced in December 1956. The series will be based on the monthly republican newspaper of the time An tÉireannach Aontaithe/ The United Irishman. Free article

Sláinteachas Bóithre

9 August 2007

Tá deireadh seachtain eile imithe uainn, agus níos mó daoine marbh ar na mbóithre. Is uafásach an scéal é ar fad nár cuireadh leigheas níos fearr ar an gceist seo fós. Tá bagairtí na Gardaí imithe ar shlí na fírinne, feachtas bóithre an rialtais ina thost chomh maith, agus mar is gnáth tá na húdaráis ag déanamh neamh-shuim des na sé contae. Is dochreidte an scéal é nach dtuigeann na daoine seo fós go bhfuil gá an fadhb seo a leigheas ón dá thaobh den teorainn. Free article

The Matt Treacy Column

9 August 2007

Ernest Hemingway wrote that "As you get older it is harder to have heroes, but it is sort of necessary." Free article

Media View

9 August 2007

According to legend, at the height of his insanity the emperor Caligula, who ruled the Roman empire for a decade during the first century, appointed his horse to the Senate as a gesture of his contempt for the electoral process in Rome, such as it was. Free article

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