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22 January 1998 Edition

Understanding loyalist death squads

22 January 1998

Unionism must acknowledge that mass intimidation of the nationalist community is not legitimate Free article

Scorn the Orange Card

22 January 1998

David Adams of the UDP, speaking on the radio this morning, raised the possibility that perhaps people have been under-estimating the strength and breadth of organisation of the LVF. Free article

A man of menace

22 January 1998

Have you ever wondered where the Iraqis get all their US flags from when they take to the streets of Baghdad to protest. I've often wondered about this matter. Free article

Drugs cover for US military control

22 January 1998

It is no secret that the United States - especially those of its officials who reside within the Pentagon - was always uncomfortable with the terms of the Torrijos-Carter treaty. Free article

Bagairt UVF in Aontroim Thuaidh

22 January 1998

TA curtha le fios go bhfuil an UVF ag athghrúpáil agus ath-armáil in Aontroim Thuaidh. Free article

Workers in struggle

22 January 1998

North West loses out in IDA's record year and Ansbacher key to Golden Circle Free article

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Sportsview: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

22 January 1998

There was good news, bad news and ugly news for Irish soccer in the last week. Firstly there was the news of two go-aheads for the revamping and building of soccer stadiums in Dublin. Then the bad news - the draw for the European Championship qualifying rounds in 2000. Derry City's transfer antics provide the ugly. Free article

Back issue: Morrison slams Barry

22 January 1998

In the course of what has been styled as a two-day Œfact-finding¹ visit to the North this week, Dublin Coalition foreign minister, Peter Barry, has made a promise that the Free State¹s constitution would be reviewed by his government in an effort to exclude from it the claim to jurisdiction over thirty-two counties. Free article

New in print

22 January 1998

Atlas of Irish History and Outside The Walls Free article


22 January 1998

Cabbage soup and Don't mention the (Civil) War Free article

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