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24 July 1997 Edition

What is Blair's plan?

24 July 1997

The claim over the years that Britain had no selfish, strategic or economic interest in remaining in Ireland, was finally put to rest by Tony Blair, who as newly elected Prime Minister, nailed his political colours firmly to the Unionist mast. Free article

``No dogs or fenians''

24 July 1997

AS THE IRA CESSATION came into force at noon on Sunday 20 July An Phoblacht talked with Catholics from the East Antrim town of Larne about their experiences over the past numbers of years at the hands of loyalist paramilitaries. The test of a new peace process will be how such communities fare in the future. Free article

Bloody career of Che's captor

24 July 1997

The last photograph taken of Ernesto `Che' Guevara while he was still alive shows him surrounded by a number of his Bolivian army captors. The picture was taken on October 9, 1967, a matter of hours before Guevara was executed. Free article

Bile a thit - bás Phádraig Uí Conchúir

24 July 1997

Tá ceann de laochra móra na nGael agus na Gaeilge i Londain ar lár. Tá Pádraig O Conchúir ar shlí na fírinne anois tar éis ráig thinis a bhuail go dona é le gairid. Free article

Workers in struggle

24 July 1997

Dear Minister O'Rourke and Low wage dilemma Free article

Sportsview: ABM bandwagon rolls on

24 July 1997

It's that time of year again when GAA supporters across the country reassess county allegiances. Take the football championship for example, as the provincial contests reach conclusion you face the following scenarios. The first possibility is that your county are still in the championship and you are gearing up for the big trip to Croke Park as in the case of Kerry and Cavan. Free article

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Remembering the Past: The Irish Holocaust - An Droch Shaol

24 July 1997

THE POTATO was reputedly introduced by the English imperialist Sir Walter Raleigh into his estates in County Cork in the 1580s. It thrived in the mild and damp Irish climate and produced a good yield even on marginal land. Free article

Back issue: Sinn Féin ban?

24 July 1997

Britain's colonial boss in the Six Counties, Tom King, has revealed that he is examining ways to ``shut out Sinn Féin''. His comments on Tuesday are seen as part of an effort to encourage loyalists into entering into discussions with the SDLP and to give up their disruption campaign in the North's 26 local councils. Free article

New in print

24 July 1997

The Hunt for Diarmaid and Gráinne and Lesbian and Gay Visions of Ireland Free article

Television: British assasination in Burma revealed

24 July 1997

Imagine how dreadful it must be, every day, for those in the South who support the British. Filled with self-loathing, trying desperately to be something that ceased to exist in the 1930s, having one's ideological position shackled to Ulster Unionists, whose supremacy is so obviously doomed, and whose culture of bigotry, misogyny and ridiculous garments evokes mirth rather than pity in the rest of Europe. Free article

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