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10 April 1997 Edition

Pow-wow on how the West can be won

10 April 1997

I wonder how many of you remember the days when you used to run around in your cowboy outfits chasing the Indians who, of course, were always caught. I suppose this query is directed primarily at the male readers of this column as, apart from Deirdre, I personally know of no girl who sported a cowboy outfit (she has the photo to prove it). Probably if girls were allowed to participate in such war-games they would have been the Indians. Free article

The Future

10 April 1997

Polluting industry, whether it is transnational or local, is not the future for Ireland. Our future lies in a clear understanding of our needs, the kinds of communities we will have to build if we are to create social, economic, cultural and political structures that will properly serve every single person born on this island over the coming decades. Free article

Taking power from a thief

10 April 1997

Barring a miracle or some other form of celestial intervention, it appears the end has finally arrived for the West's favourite African dictator: Mobutu Sese Seko. Free article

Eilionn Dia Maastricht íobairtí

10 April 1997

Oibrithe Renault na Beilge ag agóid i gceannáras na comhlachta sa Fhrainc Free article

Workers in struggle: Harney shoots off the rapids

10 April 1997

Twenty years ago Fianna Fáil won a landslide Leinster House election victory partly on the promise to abolish domestic water rates. This week Mary Harney took a new tack in the 1997 pre-election campaign, maintaining that charges would and should be reintroduced. Free article

Remembering the Past: Special Powers Act

10 April 1997

The Special Powers Act, one of the most repressive pieces of legislation ever enacted, was extensively used for fifty years by the North's loyalist regime. Free article

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BAck issue: Larry Marley's funeral

10 April 1997

There was a massive demonstration of popular resistance to British injustice on Wednesday when thousands upon thousands of people took to the streets of Belfast for the funeral of IRA Volunteer Larry Marley. Free article

New in print

10 April 1997

Criminal Chaos: Seven crises in Irish criminal justice and The Cromwellian Settlement of Ireland Free article

Television: The day the IRA made poor Jenny cry

10 April 1997

Well folks, this is it. The crops are all in, I'm needed no longer. Or as a frostbitten upper lip once remarked, I'm leaving and I may be gone some time. Free article

Editor's desk

10 April 1997

Next Wednesday 16 April the first ever public march and rally by gardai takes place. Following the traditional route used by generations of Irish revolutionaries the gardai will assemble in Parnell Square and march through the centre of Dublin to demand better pay. It should be an historic and impressive gathering. But won't something be missing? What about the men and women in... Free article

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