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4 August 2014 Edition

Breaking the Silence

4 August 2014

YEHUDA SHAUL was born in Jerusalem in 1982. The son of an American-born father and Canadian-born mother who immigrated to Israel following the 1973 Arab-Israeli ‘Yom Kippur War’, at the age of 18 he was drafted into the Israeli Army for the mandatory three years’ national service. He served as a combat soldier and later a company sergeant right across the occupied West Bank. Free article

Democracy demands an end to managerial diktat

4 August 2014

WHATEVER your views of the Garth Brooks fiasco and the role of the Dublin City Council City Manager (or ‘Chief Executive’, as he is now styled), the underlying issue is the lack of democratic control by the people of Dublin over their own affairs. Free article

'In the eyes of the law some people are more equal than others’

4 August 2014

FLICKING through the pages of the June edition of An Phoblacht, retired Garda John Wilson laughs: “Having a copy of this was enough to get you a fair bit of unwanted attention from the Garda.” Premium service article

Monty Python and small steps

4 August 2014

FOR most of the world, 1969 was the year of Neil Armstrong’s moon landing and “one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind”. For us in this part of the world, it marked the beginnings of our ‘Troubles’. But for another group of people it marked the launch of Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Premium service article

Putting your head above the parapet

4 August 2014

ANNA LO is down in the beautiful Gaeltacht village of Baile Bhurine, County Cork, to take part in a Sinn Féin Summer School debate, ‘Women in Politics – Towards Equal Representation’. She argues strongly in favour of gender quotas to increase representation of women in politics. It’s the first time Anna has visited County Cork. “I previously did the Ring of Kerry,” she says, adding, “it was beautiful.” Premium service article

Anger is an emotion, not a political strategy

4 August 2014

Eugene McCartan, General Secretary Communist Party of Ireland. Continuing our series of opinion pieces by progressive figures on ‘After the elections — what now?’ Free article

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Opportunities with challenges

4 August 2014

John Douglas, President, Irish Congress of Trade Unions, General Secretary, Mandate. Continuing our series of opinion pieces by progressive figures on ‘After the elections — what now?’ Free article

Offering a real alternative for government

4 August 2014

After Sinn Féin’s election triumphs in May, one community and trade union campaigner urges activists to keep the party’s focus on being an agent for change Free article

Fearg ar lucht na Gaeilge faoi athchóiriú an rialtais

4 August 2014

TÁ FEARG láidir ar lucht labhartha na Gaeilge ar fud na tire go bhfuil an bheirt aire rialtais a bhfuil cúram na Gaeilge orthu gan i ndán an teanga a labhairt. Free article

Globalisation on the highway of life

4 August 2014

Academics, activists, commentators, economists, journalists and politicians misses the big picture on Globalisation. They even miss the detail. And they certainly do not see the irony. Premium service article

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