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30 March 2015 Edition

Shouting in the service of the system

30 March 2015

EAMONN McCANN’S Irish Times articles are an odd thing. His casual disregard for the facts is matched only by his willingness to join the Establishment chorus against Sinn Féin. Free article

Reclaim the vision of 1916

30 March 2015

IN 1990, frustrated by official Ireland’s obvious lack of interest in marking the 75th anniversary of the Easter Rising, a group of concerned citizens came together to launch ‘Reclaim the Spirit of Easter 1916’, which had the objective of commemorating and celebrating that seminal historical event. For strong personal reasons, I decided to join this initiative. Over many years I found myself dismayed by an intellectual atmosphere that had developed in the country which appeared to be driven by a kind of self-loathing. Free article

Aer Lingus sell-off could be another Eircom fiasco

30 March 2015

DOES the looming sale of Aer Lingus give you a feeling that you have been here before. Auctioning off our national assets is nothing new. Various Irish coalition governments run by Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and Labour have all in recent decades signed up to sell out. Free article

Cat among the pigeons

30 March 2015

CATHERINE ‘CAT’ SEELEY is flying the Sinn Féin flag in the Upper Bann constituency in the Westminster elections on 7 May. She is under no illusion that the task she faces is a massive one. Free article

The trouble with the euro

30 March 2015

AS RELATIONS between Greece, under its new anti-austerity government, and the major powers of the Eurozone (particularly Germany) continue to deteriorate, the future of the troubled currency looks increasingly shaky. Free article

Former political prisoners still criminalised even after Good Friday Agreement

30 March 2015

CONTRARY to the requirements of the Good Friday Agreement, people imprisoned for conflict-related offences are still being criminalised, according to a report commissioned by ex-prisoners’ organisation Tar Isteach. Premium service article

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Liadh ag ceann na feadhna

30 March 2015

TÁ feachtas láidir ar siúl ag an bhfeisire Eorpach Liadh Ní Riada le ceart lucht labhartha na Gaeilge san Aontas Eorpach a chinntiú. Ábhar náire don rialtas go bhfágtar ag Sinn Féin é an feachtas seo a dhéanamh. Free article

Coming or just run without – West Life

30 March 2015

The West is facing historical challenges again and the time has come, as The Saw Doctors once sang, to sing a powerful song. In the first of a series on 'West Life', ROBERT ALLEN follows the ghost of Pádraig Pearse into the heart of Connemara, where the laments are rising Free article

Walter Macken – Loyal provincialist

30 March 2015

Danny Morrison remembers in his teens discovering with excitement Macken’s trilogy – Seek The Fair Land (1959), The Silent People (1962) and The Scorching Wind (1964) – a literature which presented and dealt empathetically with earlier periods in the struggle for Irish freedom: namely, Cromwell’s invasion of Ireland; the Famine of the 1840s; and the Easter Rising and subsequent Tan War and Civil War. Premium service article

Jamaican beats and Irish soul

30 March 2015

DUBLIN’S favourite ska and reggae stalwarts are back with their third album, Another Fine Mess. An eclectic mix of political and social songs and insanely catchy ska tunes, this is a top-drawer offering from a band who deserve to be on more people’s radar. Free article

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