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2 March 2015 Edition

Michelle Gildernew for Fermanagh & South Tyrone

2 March 2015

MICHELLE GILDERNEW, the Sinn Féin candidate in May’s Westminster elections and the sitting MP for Fermanagh & South Tyrone, hopes to win again and this time be joined other republican women. Premium service article

Letting go of old ways of thinking

2 March 2015

FEW THINGS strengthen my appreciation of our island home more than being away for a while. Other countries have their attractions but not the strength of attachment to places, and most especially to the people I love. Premium service article

Pat Finucane, Belfast human rights lawyer – The assassination that won’t go away

2 March 2015

Pat Finucane’s law firm partner, Peter Madden, accused the de Silva Report of wrongly exonerating the British Army’s agent-handling Force Research Unit of any part in the killing of Pat Finucane Free article

No peace without women

2 March 2015

‘DEALING WITH THE PAST’ – how many times have we heard that phrase in recent times? Indeed, it has dominated the political agenda and been centre-stage at talks, sparking intense debate. To date, we have never acknowledged in a meaningful way the differential impact the conflict has had on women. Premium service article

Mise agus mo Dhia

2 March 2015

TÁ PRÍOMHCHEILIÚRADH na heaglaise Críostaí ag teannadh linn agus muid in aimsir an charghais agus daoine ag ullmhú don Cháisc. Is ar na laochra ar láir a bhíonn poblachtánaithe ag díriú aimsir na Cásca go príomha, ach le déanaí tá an gaol idir an stát agus an Eaglais faoi chaibidil níos minicí agus níos tréana agus níl aon mheath le teacht air an bplé sin as seo go ceann bliana, ach a mhalairt. Free article

Ground-breaking summit in Fermanagh on fracking

2 March 2015

A HIGH-POWERED Anti-Fracking Conference held in County Fermanagh on Friday 20 February heard experts condemn fracking as a dangerous practice that raises the “serious threat of serious or irreversible harm to humans or the environment”. Premium service article

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‘The environment is the enemy of jobs’

2 March 2015

THAT’S WHAT my lad recently reported was the universal belief of all those in his Leaving Cert Civic, Social and Political Education (CSPE) class in our west Cork community school. To be honest, it’s what most people think. To object to developments in rural Ireland is a swift route to social ostracism – or worse. Premium service article

‘Conscience Clause’ – not pro-Christian, more anti-LGBT

2 March 2015

IN DECEMBER 2014, Paul Givan MLA of the DUP launched a consultation into a proposed ‘Conscience Clause’ amendment to The Equality Act (Sexual Orientation) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2006. If passed, the Bill would allow businesses to refuse service to LGB people if they feel they would be affirming same-sex relationships in violation of their faith ‘conscience’. Free article

‘Hacked off’ but still fighting for equality Belfast’s famous black taxis

2 March 2015

‘The history of the taxi association is a history of community resistance, commitment and success’ – Gerry Adams Premium service article

Irish state reveals its contempt for Irish language rights

2 March 2015

THE SHEER CONTEMPT for the Irish language on the part of this Fine Gael/Labour Government (and indeed at times an apparent blind hatred of it and its significance for a free Irish people) is becoming more and more apparent. Free article

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