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31 August 2000 Edition

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H Block trio still face extradition

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco has issued an order requesting supplemental briefs regarding the prison release program of three republican prisoners.

Kevin Barry Artt, Pól Brennan and Terence Kirby all escaped from Long Kesh in 1983. All three face British extradition warants in the US. They still face extradition and imprisonment despite provision for their release by 28 July 2000 under the Good Friday Agreement.

Despite the early release of fellow republican prisoners Jimmy Smyth and Joe Doherty, both extradited from the US, the British Government have bizarrely decided to retain their extradition orders for the remaining three.

``Revenge is the only reason,'' the attorneys for the three state of the British moves, in a legal document they produced at the Circut Court's request. ``There is no reason for this Court or the American people to devote their resources to deciding the hypothetical question whether to extradite a man to serve a prison sentence that no longer exists.''

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