17 December 1998 Edition

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SF attacks British document on justice

Sinn Fein's Bairbre de Brun has warned that if proposed changes to the justice system are based on the view expressed by the British government in its consultation paper, then it is unlikely to win the support of the nationalist population.

The consultation paper, released by the Criminal Justice Review Group, states that the justice system existent in the Six Counties has served the population well.

This claim was rubbished by de Brun who said in the party's submission, which she made at the Interpoint Centre on Thursday 10 December, ``every human rights agency in the world, from Amnesty International to Helsinki Watch, has accused Britain of torture, summary execution and extensive violations of human rights. London holds the distinction of having been found guilty before the European Court of Human Rights more often than any other signatory since 1950''

According to Sinn Fein, what is required to deliver justice must include equality before the law and in the institutions of the justice system, and the removal of repressive legislation.

The party submission went on to call for ``a fair and impartial system of justice that commands the support and confidence of all parts of the community and which conforms to the highest standards of international human rights and a policing service capable of attracting support from the community as a whole and which is representative of the community''.


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