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27 August 1998 Edition

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INLA declares ceasefire

The Irish National Liberation Army, which has operated a campaign for the last 23 years declared a ceasefire last weekend.

The organisation has 32 prisoners in jail, 25 of them in the Six Counties and the remainder in the 26 Counties and will be hoping to have all these members released within the next two years under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement. Only five had been due for release within that period otherwise.

According to a statement, which was issued at a press conference held by the Irish Republican Socialist Party, the group asserted that the ``conditions for armed struggle do not exist'' any longer. ``We acknowledge and admit faults and grievous errors in our prosecution of the war. Innocent people were killed and injured and at times our actions as a liberation army fell far short of what they should have been,'' the statement said. ``For this we as republicans, as socialists and as revolutionaries offer a sincere and heartfelt apology''.

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