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29 April 2010 Edition

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Vote Sinn Féin

VOTERS across the North go to the polls next week in the Westminster election.
This election is important for the Peace Process and the future development of politics on this island.
The election is about political leadership, peace, equality, jobs and Irish unity. It is about which party can deliver going into the future and about who people want as their political leaders.
Sinn Féin’s experienced leadership is unmatched and has been tested through years of political struggle, successful negotiations and through providing a positive way forward for Ireland.
Sinn Féin has brought equality to the heart of government in the North – from tackling fuel poverty to scrapping the 11-Plus; from keeping water in public hands to delivering for rural communities. The Executive has brought about an end to prescription charges and the freezing of the regional rate.
David Cameron last week exposed the agenda behind British Tory policy in the North – cuts in public services. The British Labour Party has a similar agenda.
Sinn Féin is committed to maintaining frontline services and protecting jobs.
Sinn Féin has a coherent, viable strategy for Irish unity. It has put the issue of reunification on the agenda in Dublin, Belfast, London and Washington.
Sinn Féin’s vision for a united Ireland is unique amongst the parties in this election. Others, be they Tory, unionist or the SDLP are content to be bit players in the corrupt politics of Westminster. They are already pledging support for the parties who have supported war in Iraq and Afghanistan and voting to introduce 28-day detention.
 The recent transfer of powers on policing and justice from Britain to the North was a day opponents of Sinn Féin said would never come. They were proved wrong again.
 In Fermanagh/South Tyrone, the Orange Order has worked behind the scenes to advance a political agenda to take the Westminster seat away from the voters who elected a Sinn Féin MP.
 The symbolism of Fermanagh and South Tyrone is huge. It is the seat won by Bobby Sands. It is the seat won by Michelle Gildernew. Michelle’s family name became known around the world as symbolic of the sectarian discrimination practiced by the Orange state in 1968. The family was at the centre of the infamous eviction in Caledon which prompted widespread protests about discrimination in housing allocation. Bobby Sands and Michelle Gildernew - two names that the Orange Order would like to see erased.
Sinn Féin believes that nationalist representation should be defended. The party offered co-operation with the SDLP towards this end but this was rejected. The SDLP would prefer a unionist Tory to Michelle Gildernew as the representative of a nationalist constituency.
Despite the SDLP position, and in the wider interests of the nationalist electorate, Sinn Féin withdrew its South Belfast candidate, Alex Maskey, from the election contest. Again, Sinn Féin is leading from the front.
This Westminster election has been made even more important by increased attacks on the Peace Process by small militarist factions. These groups and rejectionists from within unionism have a common aim – to undermine the Peace Process and Sinn Féin. Neither should be allowed to succeed.
On 6 May, vote Sinn Féin.

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