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4 March 2010 Edition

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Nothing to offer

This week it emerged that the banks, already bailed out by Irish taxpayers with billions of euro that they can ill afford, are set to take a leaf out of their political establishment’s book and hike their charges.
This brass neck approach is reflective of that of the coalition government of Brian Cowen and John Gormley.
This week they are crowing that the Live Register figures have stagnated at a mere 432,400, but this is the government that cut social welfare payments to encourage young people to take up courses and jobs that don’t exist – jobs that they have failed to create.
The government’s exit strategy from the Live Register for these young people is emigration, not employment.
They blew the boom years, that all too short window exemplified by a generation for whom emigration was a choice rather than a necessity. Now, as more and more of our young people are again being forced abroad to make a living, it is beyond time that Cowen and Gormley put their heads on the electoral block and receive the people’s verdict on their appalling ineptitude.
A cabinet reshuffle is mere window dressing. What is required is an election.

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