13 November 2008 Edition

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Dublin street signs changed in remembrance of Ken Saro-Wiwa

Sinn Féin Dublin MEP Mary Lou McDonald has congratulated activists from the ‘Remember Saro Wiwa’ campaign group for poignantly marking the 13th anniversary of the execution of Nigerian environmentalist Ken Saro-Wiwa.
Saro-Wiwa led a prominent non-violent campaign against the environmental damage associated with the operations of multinational oil companies, particularly Shell, in Nigeria.
On 10 November, activists changed the street signs on Adelaide Road in Dublin 2 where Shell Ireland headquarters are based with replica signs that read ‘Ken Saro Wiwa Street/Sráid Ken Saro Wiwa’.
The Dublin MEP said:
“Today’s action in Dublin by activists wanting to remember Ken Saro-Wiwa was both imaginative and poignant. Mr. Saro-Wiwa was an inspirational environmentalist, author and broadcaster who campaigned against the environmental damage associated with the operation of multinational oil companies, particularly Shell, in the Delta Niger.
“November 10 is the thirteenth anniversary of the execution of Ken Saro Wiwa and eight others by the Nigerian Government in 1995. The executions are widely believed to be a consequence of Shell’s activities in the Niger Delta, and next February, a court in New York will hear a case brought against Shell by Saro-Wiwa’s son, Ken Wiwa, who is a US citizen.
“Yet still the Irish government continues to collude with Shell in the destruction of the sensitive environment of the North West coast of Mayo, while doing deals which effectively hand over the country’s oil and gas resources to Shell and other multi-national energy companies.
“To give away such valuable natural resources in a time of economic uncertainty is inexplicable. Ireland should be harnessing its own natural energy reserves not handing it over to multinationals virtually free of charge. Fianna Fáil economic policy has over the last number of weeks been exposed to be short term and without vision or commitment to the states future. But that the Green Party are happy to fall in line to the additional cost of this country’s environment must be a bitter disappointment to Green voters.”

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