2 October 2008 Edition

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Royal Marines' secret school exercise

A SECRET invitation by the principal of a school in a nationalist area of Belfast to the British Royal Marine Commandos has left Lisburn Sinn Féin Councillor Sam Baker in “shock and disbelief” given the regiment’s notorious service in the Six Counties during the conflict.
Sam Baker told An Phoblacht that he has been approached by a number of angry parents of children who took part in an exercise with the Royal Marines in St Colm’s School in Twinbrook on Monday, 22 September.
“The parents informed me they knew nothing about this visit by the British military, a visit arranged by the school principal.
“I spoke with the school principal and I listened carefully to her explanation. Her excuse beggars belief and reflects a view that is totally out of touch with the experience of the people of Twinbrook who suffered at the hands of the British Army and the Marines over the last 30 years.”

Baker argued that the school principal should not have “under any guise” invited the British military into the school.
“The Royal Marines’ record of occupation is notorious. They killed many people here in the North. They are currently in occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan and I am sure they are doing there what they did here: kill and harass local people.
“I hope this is the last time any regiment of the British armed forces is invited to a school in a nationalist area.”

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