1 June 2006 Edition

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Dúirt Siad...

I suspect that no cinema audience will have seen British troops portrayed as Laoch portrays them, with the film documenting the full terror of the Black and Tans. Tom McGurk, Sunday Business Post, 28 May on the film The Wind That Shakes the Barley.

In key areas, the party's left flank is already under serious pressure from Sinn Féin, particularly since the local elections last year. Niamh Connolly, Sunday Business Post, 28 May on the potential fall out for Fianna Fáil on Dublin's northside, in the event of the sale of Aer Lingus.

The Minister will also be able to destroy the careers of other EU citizens as he has done in the case of Frank Connolly. Sinn Féin TD Aengus Ó Snodaigh during a Dáil debate, Tuesday, 30 May on Michael McDowell's leaking of information.

Words of condemnation are obviously not enough, radical measures are needed to change the sectarian attitides that exist here. Ballymena Councillor Monica Digney on Sinn Féin proposals for a committee to tackle sectarianism in the County Antrim town where 15-year-old Michael McIlveen was murdered by a sectarian gang.

Now you would need to have nerves of steel to be part of a Sinn Féin leadership which has had to take the sort of muck and abuse thrown at us over the course of many years, but we are in positions of leadership. If you don't like the heat, you get out of the kitchen. We have never jumped out of the kitchen. We will stay in this process to the bitter end. Martin McGuinness on allegations that he was a British spy. The Irish News, 31 May.

It has emerged that the government was first alerted to potential problems with the legislation by the Law Reform Commission in 1990 but no changes were made to address the issue. Valerie Robinson, Irish News 31 May, on the loophole in statutory rape laws in the 26 Counties.

There is a clear pattern of former British agents being killed in circumstances like this just as allegations of collusion or other activities are about to be exposed. Sinn Féin's Gerry Kelly Sinn Féin The Irish News, 31 May.

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