19 January 2006 Edition

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Mála Poist

Comhdháil Óige. Cruinniú Cinn Bliana.

A chara,

Ba mhór le coiste lárnach Na Gaeil Óga cuireadh a thabhairt duit go dtí ár gComhdháil Óige & Cruinniú Cinn Bliana a bheidh ar siúl ar Dé Luain, 23 Eanáir 2006 sa Swift Theatre in Ollscoil na Tríonóide.

Tosóidh an Chomhdháil Óige ag a 7.30i.n. agus osclófar na doirse ag a 7.15i.n.

Is iad Siún Nic Gearailt, Daithí Mac Cárthaigh, Rossa Ó Snódaigh (Kíla) agus Pádraig Ó Ceithearnaigh cuid de na haíonna a dhéanfaidh cainteanna ar an ábhar "An Óige agus an Ghaeilge".

Beidh Róisín Ní Thomáin as PopTV, de chuid TG4 mar Chathaoirligh na hoíche!

Beidh seisiún Ceisteanna & Freagraí ar siúl tar éis na gcainteanna. Beidh Cruinniú Cinn Bliana Na Gaeil Óga ar siúl tar éis an tseisiúin seo. Do lucht féachana na Comhdhála, cuirfear sólaistí ar fáil fad is atá an Cruinniú Cinn Bliana ar siúl.

Beidh oíche cheoil ann sa Bhuitreach (Buttery) tar éis an Chruinnithe Cinn Bliana. (Nóta: Is gá cárta aitheantais a thaispeáint: pas, cárta Garda, nó cárta mac léinn ag teastáil).

Tá léarscáil iniata leis an litir seo chun treoir a thabhairt duit.

Is mise le meas,

Ciarán Mac Fhearghusa


Na Gaeil Óga.

Harney is hazardous for health

A Chara,

Mary Harney's suggestion that hospitals should cut down visiting hours to keep hospitals clean and prevent the spread of MRSA is ludicrous. If someone is admitted to hospital in this day and age of too few beds and huge waiting lists, they must be suffering indeed, and obviously need their family and friends to see them through their pain.

I seriously doubt that if she were hospitalised tomorrow, she would allow herself to be isolated for 23 hours a day, with visitors only allowed in for an hour in the evening.

If this is her approach to solving problems in the health system, as opposed to putting in more money and resources, then she needs to step down quick.

Jonathon Healy,


What next from mad Minister?

A Chara,

A 'reservist' police force with the power to arrest? What will McDowell think of next? It's absolute madness to presume you can train civilians for 24 hours, send them on an initiation weekend and then expect them to solve the state's policing problems. It's like something from Police Academy. And what makes McDowell think he can give civilians the power to arrest when actual Garda recruits don't have it after 20 weeks of training?

There's no doubt that this is another cosmetic airbrushing episode from the annals of the mad Minister. Does he honestly believe that by ambushing the public with madcap ideas like ASBOs, ID cards and now his own B-Specials, they'll overlook the fact that he has failed miserably as Minister for Justice to counter the growing crime problem in the 26 Counties? Or that on many occasions he has abused his power in an attempt to ruin people's reputations and stifle the Peace Process and the growth of Sinn Féin?

And as for the Garda Síochána. Their reactions this week, where they whinged about neighbour using their powers unjustly against neighbour, must have been greeted with outrage by Donegal residents — subject to some of the most corrupt Garda actions in recent years. Surely the Guards must recognise the irony of speaking about powers being abused by anyone?

Anna Dwyer,


Sad day for Croker?

A Chara,

Critics who fear the Union Jack may be flown in Croke Park after the decision to hold soccer and Rugby there next year should remember one thing.

Many international flags flew in the park during the Special Olympics and the sky didn't cave in. All that happened was Croke Park displayed itself to be a world-class stadium, that we should showcase on every occasion, not just for GAA games.

And let's face it, when the officials of the park decided to let U2, the West Brits of the Irish music scene play there for profit, they kind of lost their argument about hallowed Gaelic soil.

Michael Smyth,


A Chara,

Who'd have thought it? - by this time next year we may be standing to the strains of God Save the Queen in Croke Park. GAA heroes of old will be turning in their graves if it ever happens.

Remember the last time the Brits rolled into the Park? We called that day Bloody Sunday. Let's get an apology for that and for the 1972 Bloody Sunday, and for all the wrongs they've inflicted on our country, before we let them in again.

Grace Mulvey,


Homeless children shame

A Chara,

Any parent must surely feel their hearts bleeding when they think of 500 children living on the streets. That's the figure returned by the 26-County Health executive this week.

How, in a state that claims to have no poverty, could this happen? Don't members of the government have children of their own that they tuck up at night and wish sweet dreams to? I don't understand how it is possible that anybody with children could ignore the plight of these 500 homeless children.

It's about time the government stepped into reality on this issue and created the dedicated children's accommodation we so badly need.

Michelle Boyer,


An Phoblacht
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