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20 years after the IRA’s unilateral cessation, Colin Parry inspires reconciliation

30 July 2014

Colin Parry exemplifies that remarkable human quality, synonymous with Nelson Mandela, of reaching out to make friends with past enemies Free article

The Mary Nelis Column

4 March 2011

McGurk’s Bar Bombing: The Police Ombudsman’s Report

PSNI chief at odds over faults of RUC

WOULDN’T YOU imagine that coming from a fundamentalist Protestant evangelical background PSNI Chief Constable Matt Baggott would be concerned with the truth. Yet his pronouncement on the 1971 bombing of McGurk’s Bar appears to indicate that he is at odds with the revised report of the... Free article


4 March 2011

FRANK STAGG’S SISTER, Rose, and her two daughters were among the special guests at the very first Dublin ’81 Committee commemorative meeting of 2011 on Saturday 12th February, the exact anniversary 35 years ago of the death on hunger strike of this brave IRA Volunteer in an English prison.
The event in the Ballybough Community Centre, attended by almost 200 people and honouring... Free article

The rough beast that is Fine Gael

4 March 2011

THE WONDERS of the modern newspaper industry being what they are, I have to write this before polling day and you’ll be reading if afterwards. By now you’ll know how well Sinn Féin did and how badly Fianna Fáil dropped. We’ll all know whether Fine Gael has accomplished the previously thought impossible and formed a single-party government.
At which point Pa Carney has sworn he... Free article

Letter to the Taoiseach

4 March 2011

THE success of our colleagues in the 26 Counties will undoubtedly have a positive impact on Sinn Féin’s electoral performance in the month of May in the Six Counties, Taoiseach.
As you know, there will be Assembly elections and district council elections in the North on the 30th anniversary of Bobby Sands’s death on hunger strike. Will Fine Gael or Labour – or Fianna Fáil for that... Free article

Broim agus Eilifint

4 March 2011

BA é Breandán Ó Béacháin a dúirt, tráth, gurb é an chéad rud ar chlár aon ghrúpa nó pháirtí in Éirinn ná an scoilt. Is dócha go raibh Fianna Fáil ag fanacht le tamall ar a scoilt féin ach sna toghcháin seo tá an scoilt i ndiaidh tarlú cheana féin idir an méid damáiste a rinne Fianna Fáil thar na blianta agus gliceas na niarrthóirí atá ann anois, ag maíomh nach raibh baint ar bith... Free article

Debt, finance and the City of London

4 March 2011

Heart of Darkness


I LEARNT a new word recently. It was a word I’d never needed before. But I need it now. “Peonage – a system by which debtors are bound in involuntary servitude to their creditors until their debt is paid.”
It’s what is currently being advocated for the ordinary people of Ireland. No other word better defines a proposal that condemns the South’s... Free article

GUE/NGL will not back EU 2020’s anti-social policies

4 March 2011

THE European United Left/Nordic Green Left (GUE/NGL) Group in the European Parliament – of which Bairbre de Brún is a member – has criticised the European Union’s 2020 strategy as the sort of “anti-social policies” that have contributed to the crisis rather than solutions.
GUE/NGL President Lothar Bisky (Germany) was critical of the strategy:
“Clearly it had not come up with... Free article

Now this election is over

4 March 2011

BY THE TIME you read this article, the election will be over, the posters will be down and the negotiations for the next government well under way.
Whatever the overall result, Sinn Féin will have had a good election. We will have increased our vote across the state. We will have a stronger Dáil team determined to hold Enda Kenny’s austerity government to account.

Progressive London conference hears Sinn Féin’s Mitchel McLaughlin

4 March 2011

DESCRIBED by some media as “a Who’s Who of Left-leaning Londoners” opposing the Conservative/Lib-Dem Govern-ment’s Budget cuts, the 2011 Progressive London conference on Saturday 19th February was launched by “‘once and future Mayor” Ken Livingstone and heard Sinn Féin Assembly Economy spokesperson Mitchel McLaughlin.
They were joined by over a quarter of London’s Assembly... Free article

SDLP’s ‘Hokey Cokey’ politicking over Assembly Draft Budget

4 March 2011

MITCHEL McLAUGHLIN has hit back at SDLP criticism of the Assembly Draft Budget, accusing it of being “devoid of imaginative thinking”.
“The only manifestation of the SDLP’s ‘Hokey Cokey’ relationship with the Executive that is visible so far is it is increasingly identified as an ally of the UUP/Tory Party,” Mitchel McLaughlin said.
He added:
“The SDLP’s spokespersons seem to... Free article

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