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Underdogs, upset, excitement and history

30 July 2016

With 2016 proving to be the year of the sporting underdog, anything is possible for those who dare and dream big enough Free article

Old Darnley Lodge Hotel workers vote to continue sit-in

8 February 2013

Staff are staying put till they all get their statutory entitlements, including redundancy pay, holiday pay and hours owed Free article

‘Dissidents’ urged by Gerry Adams to ‘embrace a peaceful way forward’

8 February 2013

There is now a democratic and peaceful way to bring about Irish unity, Sinn Féin leader says in Dundalk Free article

London Olympics uncovered: 'An Phoblacht' sellers and union activists on secret blacklist

8 February 2013

Building giants used blacklist of 3,200 construction workers with information from MI5 and Special Branch Free article

Protest against bank debt and austerity – Saturday 9 February

8 February 2013

We must act now and send a clear message across Europe – the bank debt burden is unsustainable and unjust Free article

Video: Pearse Doherty's devastating dissection of Government's sham 'debt deal'

7 February 2013

Sinn Féin's Finance spokesperson spells out what the Fine Gael/Labour/Fianna Fáil deal really means Free article

Video of Pearse and prose from Prom Note Night scandal

7 February 2013

What they said on the night the Promissory Note Bill was railroaded through by Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil and Labour Free article

1913 to 2013: A Century of Workers in Struggle

7 February 2013

Liberty Hall conference to remember the 1913 Lockout and look at contemporary struggles Free article

'The Pitchfork Murders' second print run now available in shops

7 February 2013

Originally believed to have been a loyalist killing carried out with a pitchfork, three members of the British Army's Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders' 'D' Delta Company were jailed for the killings almost ten years later Free article

New Photo Galleries

6 February 2013

1913 Lockout commemoration ‘Big Jim’ Larkin statue, O'Connell Street, Dublin – 2 February 2013, Ken Livingstone and Ireland, London and Belfast – 1981 & 1983, Photographs from the February 2013 edition of An Phoblacht Free article

Marian Price’s health deteriorates after sister’s death – Sinn Féin MLA repeats call for release

6 February 2013

Marian Price is a threat to no one and continuing to keep her in prison is wrong, says Sinn Féin Justice Committee Vice-Chair Free article

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An Stailc Ocrais 1981 Hunger Strike

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Uncomfortable Conversations 

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An initiative for dialogue 

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Contributions from key figures in the churches, academia and wider civic society as well as senior republican figures

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