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Stand up to criminal gangs – Gerry Adams at Burns/Moley Commemoration in South Armagh

1 March 2015

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams TD today spoke at the annual commemoration for IRA Volunteers Brendan Burns and Brendan Moley, who were killed in a premature bomb explosion in 1988. Free article

Video: '22 Good Men' – A short play about Ireland's hunger strike martyrs

1 September 2011

A SHORT PLAY by Belfast playwright Roseleen Walsh chronicles the legacy of Ireland's 22 hunger strike martyrs of the 20th century from Thomas Ashe in 1917 to Mickey Devine in 1981.

Bertie Ahern brands Fianna Fáil members 'useless'

1 September 2011

BERTIE AHERN will brand some members of his celebrated Fianna Fáil machine in Dublin Central as “useless” in a TV3 series, The Rise and Fall of Fianna Fáil, beginning next week.

The Irish Independent reports today that the former Fianna Fáil leader and Taoiseach says in the three-part series:

A lot of people [cumann members] had tea parties in the '70s and '80s and met to... Free article

Dublin v Donegal – Matt Treacy's view

29 August 2011

THERE IS A PHRASE in Latin that perhaps best sums up the Donegal approach to football – reductio ad absurdum (reduction to the absurd).

All we need now is for another team to follow their example and we will, in time, have the first scoreless Gaelic football match in history.

Pat Gilroy was magnanimous in victory and had Donegal won I would not be saying any of this. Dublin... Free article

Video: Highlighting collusion – Belfast Remembrance Wall

26 August 2011

STATE COLLUSION with pro-British death squads in Ireland has been a policy of the British Government. Hundreds of citizens were murdered as a result of the actions sanctioned by the British Government.

An Fhirinne (the group campaigning to highlight collusion between the British Crown forces and unionist paramilitaries) and Clara Reilly are appealing for anyone wishing to... Free article

Thatcher mastermind behind Libyan rebels’ PR offensive

23 August 2011

THE LIBYAN REBELS’ propaganda war is being masterminded by Margaret Thatcher’s close friend and former top media adviser, Tim Bell.

Tim Bell guided Thatcher to three successive general election victories. In 1984, Bell was seconded to Britain's National Coal Board to advise on media strategy at the start of the miners' strike.

He has lobbied on behalf of the Saudi Arabian... Free article

'L'Oréal politicians' get big pay-outs – they're not worth it, says Sinn Féin TD

23 August 2011

POLITICAL FIGURES like Bertie Ahern and Jackie Healy-Rae who lost or resigned their seats as TDs should get just a basic redundancy package and not bonus payments at the cost of taxpayers, especially during the economic crisis, Sinn Féin TD Peadar Tóibín has said.

The Meath West deputy said former ministers, TDs and senators are being paid “millions” despite the recession... Free article

Libya: Britain breaking international law on regime change?

23 August 2011

IS THE British Government guilty of breaking international law in Libya? Has it been using the UN-authorised humanitarian intervention resolution to protect civilians in Libya’s civil war as a very thin smokescreen to use violence and military might to bring about regime change in another state – an oil-rich state?

Now that the Libyan rebels seem on the verge of ousting Gaddafi... Free article

So where is the 'British tourists bonanza' after the queen has gone?

21 August 2011

Fáilte Ireland is unimpressed with the number of British visitors this year


IN the lead-up to the state visit by the Queen of England, newspapers and radio shows bombarded the native populace with a plethora of quislings and 'experts' telling us that the visit of an unelected British monarch would be 'great for tourism'.

But, alas, despite these predictions, ... Free article

Seriously-ill Brendan Lillis released by Parole Commissioners

19 August 2011

SERIOUSLY-ILL Maghaberry prisoner Brendan Lillis was released on licence by the North’s Parole Commissioners on Thursday night.  The 59-year-old, who was rushed to hospital from prison last week, is suffering from a debilitating arthritic illness.

His release has been welcomed by Sinn Féin and the SDLP but unionists say they’re angry at the decision.

DUP Health Minister... Free article

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