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DevoMax transfer of powers to North will boost all-island economy

30 September 2014

Politicians, business people, workers, and families who live here should make the decisions about our future – not Tory millionaires, argues Declan Kearney Free article


12 May 2011

In the whirlwind of the Cuban Revolution

CHE GUEVARA’S second-in-command in the Congo and a veteran fighter at the Bay of Pigs, VÍCTOR DREKE took time out from his visit to Ireland to mark the 50th anniversary of the Bay of Pigs invasion to talk to An Phoblacht’s MARK MOLONEY about his revolutionary journey.

HE GUEVARA wrote of Víctor Dreke in a report to Fidel Castro after the... Free article


12 May 2011

Ulster Unionist Party leader taunts ‘Sinn Féin scum’ on live TV

ULSTER UNIONIST PARTY leader and Ulster Defence Regiment veteran Tom Elliott is fighting a rearguard action against widespread criticism of him at the Fermanagh/South Tyrone Assembly count on live TV describing republicans as “the scum of Sinn Féin”.
His outburst was described by the brother of PSNI Constable Ronan... Free article

Wedding fever

12 May 2011

I DON’T pay my TV licence fee. I’d like to argue that it’s a political principle, a decision motivated by the continued presence of Joe Duffy and Katherine Lynch on RTÉ but it’s actually because Roisín and I live in an apartment and the TV licence guy can’t get to us. And we’re cheap.
Occasionally, An Post leaves a polite little card in the mailbox to let us know they were in the... Free article


12 May 2011

Electoral growth continues

TWENTY-NINE seats and a 26.9% share of first-preferences were just two of the critical markers for Sinn Féin in the 2011 Assembly election. It is not easy taking the responsibilities of power and it is even more difficult in the face of an ongoing economic crisis yet Sinn Féin’s performance in this election demonstrates a growing trust with the... Free article


12 May 2011

I nDíl Chuimhne

1 May 1993 Alan LUNDY, Sinn Féin.
2 May 1987 Volunteer Finbarr McKENNA, Belfast Brigade, 2nd Battalion.
3 May 1974: Volunteer Teddy CAMPBELL, Long Kesh.
5 May 1981: Volunteer Bobby SANDS, H-Block Martyrs.
5 May 1992: Volunteer Christy HARFORD, Dublin Brigade.
6 May 1988: Volunteer Hugh HEHIR, Clare Brigade.
7 May 1974: Volunteer Frederick LEONARD, Belfast Brigade,... Free article

Hunger Strike | 30th anniversary events

12 May 2011

HERE are the events that the National Hunger Strike Commemoration Committee knows of to mark the 30th anniversary of the heroic 1980/1981 Hunger Strikes.
Updates can be got from Maureen or Deirdre at the National Hunger Strike Commemoration Committee at 028 9034 7350 or irishhungerstrike@sinn-fein.ie or local Sinn Féin contacts in your area.
The An Phoblacht website will also list... Free article

Nelson Inquiry report to be published May 23rd

12 May 2011

THE findings of the public inquiry into the murder of Lurgan solicitor Rosemary Nelson will be made public on May 23rd.
Secretary of State Owen Paterson said the report will be shown to the Nelson family before it is published in full.
Rosemary Nelson died on March 15th 1999 after a booby-trap bomb placed under her car exploded. Before she died, Rosemary, a human rights lawyer,... Free article

Cloned meat on your dinner plate?

12 May 2011

THE European Parliament has been in Strasbourg for its plenary session this week (9th to12th May). Topics on the agenda included cloning, lobbying, and shipments of toxic waste.
Talks on new EU rules on ‘novel foods’ - GMOs and food from cloned animals - remain at an impasse after a breakdown in negotiations between MEPs and member states last month.
The main point of disagreement... Free article

The Problem with the euro

12 May 2011

IN RUAIRÍ QUINN’S autobiography, Straight Left, he argued that during the 1990s the then Fine Gael/Labour Government made southern Irish state membership of the euro a key strategic imperative. He argued that membership would bring “solidarity” from other member-states and “low interest rates” to Irish borrowers, both of which would be key to our future economic development.
I... Free article

Events to coincide with British queen’s state visit

12 May 2011

DURING the state visit of the British queen to the 26 Counties from May 17th, Sinn Féin is staging a number of events around her itinerary.
It is also supporting ceremonies held by victims group Justice for the Forgotten calling for full co-operation by Queen Elizabeth’s government into the Dublin/Monaghan bombings.
The British queen arrives in Dublin on the exact anniversary of... Free article

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