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Michael Devine – Died 20 August 1981 after 60 days on hunger strike in the H-Blocks of Long Kesh

20 August 2017

On the death of INLA Volunteer Michael Devine at 12 minutes to eight on Thursday 20 August 1981, his brother-in-law, Frankie McCauley, said: “One thinks, ‘Ten men, how many more have to die? We have ours now over us. Next week it will be big Laurence’s people waiting for the same thing. Then the Devlins after that and another boy will go on hunger strike and another. They’ll never break them.’” Free article

Dublin City Council – Establishment parties' war chests couldn't buy voters

29 September 2014

Party spending figures published by Dublin City Council show Establishment parties spent big but the work on the ground by Sinn Féin and smaller parties paid dividends Free article

Catherine Seeley – courage, commitment and vision

29 September 2014

Young woman teacher standing in Seanad by-election offers a genuine choice Free article

'The Tricolour Riots' – Remembering the Past

28 September 2014

“On the night of the 28th, when it became known that the RUC were coming to seize the flag, more than 2,000 republican supporters blocked the roadway. Scores of RUC were rushed to the scene in armoured cars.” Free article

The Irish Volunteer - Volume 1 - Number 34

28 September 2014

The Irish Volunteer - Óglach na hÉireann Volume 1 - Number 34 newspaper, first published 26th September 1914 Free article

‘The Tricolour Riots’ – 28 September 1964

27 September 2014

"Ian Paisley, Moderator of the Free Presbyterian Church, called upon Protestants to assemble in their thousands at the City Hall that evening to march on Divis Street . . ." Free article

Margaret Thatcher Square opens to makeovers in Madrid

25 September 2014

Plaza Margaret Thatcher attracts unwelcome attention Free article

Video: Rewarding negative unionism 'counter-productive', says Gerry Kelly MLA

24 September 2014

Gerry Kelly says negotiations must begin immediately to move the political process in the North forward; but warns British Secretary of State against conceding to unionist ultimatum Free article

'Friendly Fire' – The Francis Ledwidge story

24 September 2014

New play looks at the life of Irish nationalist and poet who died fighting with the British Army in First World War Free article

ICTU chief says Labour/Fine Gael 'point scoring' at Sinn Féin undermine fight against Tory cuts

23 September 2014

‘Not only are Charlie Flanagan and Joan Burton declaiming from positions of ignorance on the policy matter, they are undermining the functioning of the Assembly to score points in Leinster House’ Free article

Sinn Féin drives Property Tax cuts in councils

23 September 2014

Dublin City Council, South Dublin County Council, Wicklow County Council and Cork County Council vote to reduce Local Property Tax Free article

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