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After SYRIZA's success – Sinn Féin leader calls for formal discussions on Irish Left alternative

29 January 2015

Sinn Féin initiative warmly welcomed by SYRIZA, Podemos and Basque MEPs (among others) when Declan Kearney met GUE/NGL European Parliament group in Brussels on Wednesday Free article

Equal rights for same-sex couples must be in laws

26 June 2012

Marriage Equality has highlighted 169 legal points of difference covering rights and protection across a range of legislation Free article

Fresh inquest into British Army murder of Manus Deery (15)

25 June 2012

Derry teenager was shot dead by a British Army sniper in 1972 Free article

Twittering Tom Elliott tackles Gerry Adams in Euro 2012 clash

25 June 2012

UUP ex-leader wants to know why no outcry over Sinn Féin leader not supporting England Free article

Exclusive interview with Gerry Adams on Martin McGuinness meeting English monarch

22 June 2012

Gerry Adams TD spoke to An Phoblacht in an exclusive interview after the Sinn Féin Ard Comhairle in Dublin endorsed the decision of joint First Minister Martin McGuinness MP to meet England’s Queen Elizabeth at an event in Belfast organised by Co-Operation Ireland. Free article

1,600 Galway jobs at stake as Community Employment cuts bite

21 June 2012

Open Day to highlight the crucial work undertaken by Community Employment (CE) Schemes – next Monday 11am to 2pm at St Joseph’s Community Centre, Shantalla, Galway Free article

Turf-cutting machinery burned out in stand-off with gardaí

21 June 2012

A turf-cutting machine was destroyed by fire in the early hours of this morning as Garda officers tried to seize turf-cutting machinery Free article

British Govt rejects inquiry into Ballymurphy Massacre – Families appeal to Taoiseach

20 June 2012

In the three days following the introduction of internment on 9 August 1971, the British Army’s Parachute Regiment went on a shooting rampage through the nationalist Ballymurphy estate in Belfast Free article

Ryanair grab for Aer Lingus must be rejected

20 June 2012

Mary Lou McDonald says if Michael O’Leary is successful, Aer Lingus will be run as an anti-competitive private monopoly. Free article

‘New Perspectives on Republicanism in the 1960s’ – Public meeting, Dublin

20 June 2012

In the years leading up to the outbreak of the modern conflict, what were the role and intentions of the Republican Movement, how much did it influence events, and how much was it shaped by those events and outside forces? Free article

SYRIZA the real winners of the Greek elections, says left-wing MEPs’ leader

18 June 2012

Election results show that hostility to austerity remains a major factor in Greece, says GUE/NGL President Free article

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